And so it begins


Wow, the first month of doing a PhD takes a bit of adjustment!

I have been doing my PhD for a whole month now. It has already been amazing and also strange. The first two weeks took a lot of adjustment. As usual most new jobs require an induction period, so does a PhD. And the induction is useful for meeting your peer group. I have met ome amazing people and formed great friendships that I am sure will last for years. We have already spent time jointly stressing about our various statistics modules! And I anticipate we will be counselling each other through all the lows, and celebrating the highs together.

During the induction there were also a number of lectures that focused on future career development. And this is perhaps where my identity crisis began. For as a more ‘mature’ student with a career in place I found this quite strange. I suddenly had to think twice about what I was doing. Add to this the difference in the level of independence – I can work where I want and when I want (more or less). This really is a different mind set for me to take on. And it is great – I am being trusted to do my work!

My research has been funded by an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship.


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