Assignments = fun! (?)


Having recovered from my initial identity crisis I am now in another strange but wonderful phase – I am actually enjoying my homework! (?) Getting the funding for this PhD has been such a long journey that now I am here I have realised I can enjoy it. I chose to do this PhD, in fact I worked hard to get here. No one is going to fail me at the first hurdle ( I think!?!). I have permission to enjoy it.

Prior to embarking on this PhD journey I had always considered PhDs to be long self-directed projects that would require days tucked in the nook of some old library studying syntactic structures (or something) from an ancient but incredibly wise text. Yet, I have come to realise I get to go on lots of courses with lots of other people. The first period is vital for maximising training opportunities. I am doing a (slightly scary) stats module, I have been on a course to learn how to design a survey (Oooooo!) and am planning more courses to learn about systematic literature reviews. And I get assignments!

More importantly I seem to have mastered a trick whereby *at the moment* I am doing all my assignments in the hours I am contracted to actually do the PhD. I am certain this won’t last, but please don’t break my bubble too soon- i am at the top of the roller coaster right now, I am sure there are peaks and troughs around the corner (both higher and lower), but I can’t see them just yet. I am happy in the knowledge that for now, I am on the right ride!

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