Wherever you are we STILL need you: SLTs working with PPA!

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Just over two weeks to go until I close the UK wide survey of speech and language therapists (SLTs) working with primary progressive aphasia (PPA) or fronto-temporal dementia (FTD).

Do you work at the foot of Snowdonia, in the valleys of Cumbria or in the urban sprawl of London? Where ever you are if you have seen a patient with PPA or FTD your experience and your opinion as an SLT are valuable!

I have had a fantastic response rate, thank you to all those who have completed the survey so far. If you know of anyone who may not have got around to completing this survey, who is unsure if they should complete the survey, please encourage them to do so.

I want to hear from clinicians who may have only seen one person with PPA as much as I want to hear from those who see people with PPA on a regular basis. I want to hear from less experienced and more confident clinicians. I want to hear from clinicians who work in different services- inpatient, outpatient, and community.

To complete the survey click on this link:

BUT WHY? I hear you cry!

Anecdotally I hear many similar issues from clinicians and services across the country trying to deliver services to people with PPA. I am endeavouring to collate and document these data, using this survey, to answer some of the bigger questions:

  • Are there differences in the number and types of people referred to SLT who have PPA?
  • What are the barriers for people with PPA to accessing speech and language therapy services across the UK?
  • What are the differences in  service capacity available for people with PPA across the UK?
  • What assessment and therapy tools do SLTs actually use with people with PPA?
  • What are the common components that may be useful to include in future communication therapy programs for people with PPA?

I will be planning to share the results through verbal and written means, so watch this space! In the first instance I am presenting the initial findings at the St Andrews Northampton conference on the 20th April “Making Mental Matter: Innovative speech and language therapy in practice”. The UK’s first speech and language therapy in mental health conference. Sign up at:

Click to access 20%2004%202016%20conference%20flyer%20FINAL.pdf

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