The results are in- thank you! Now to the analysis….


I do love setting myself a target and hitting it, I love ticking boxes off my weekly to do lists (yes! I love crossing through each box in the most meticulous manner), I love achieving all my new years resolutions. These things give me a great sense of getting things done! I felt the same sense of deep satisfaction when I ticked off one of the first big stages of my PhD this week.


On Thursday this week I closed my survey. I had sent out a survey to as many SLTs as I could possibly reach over the last 8 weeks. I use twitter, my blog, emails, clinical networks, academic networks, friends and acquaintances. I tried to reach as many corners of the UK as possible to ask SLTs what they do with people with PPA in their clinical practice. I wanted to know about referral patterns and referral reasons, assessment and therapy tools and what SLTs feel would work in the ideal situation.


I set myself a small target. SLTs are an infamously small professional group, spread thinly often working across many areas. NHS employees have less and less time to do anything aside from deliver services to patients. And yet I had an overwhelming response. It has been fantastic. I am so grateful for the volume of responses and the support in getting those responses. SLTs seen to feel passionately about this area of practice at the moment. So thank you to everyone who has supported my survey, and who has taken time to disseminate it and complete it. Your time is really valued!


So, what now? Now I plan to analyse the data. As previously mentioned I am presenting my initial results at the forthcoming “Making Mental Matter: Innovative speech and language therapy in practice” conference on 20th April (see below). I am planning to write up a journal article (my first one- ah) and present at other conferences later this year. More boxes to tick! Lovely.


Sign up below to St Andrews Northampton conference on the 20th April “Making Mental Matter: Innovative speech and language therapy in practice”. The UK’s first speech and language therapy in mental health conference:

Click to access 20%2004%202016%20conference%20flyer%20FINAL.pdf

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