How can we make PPA more telegenic?


 A family member of a person with PPA recently commented that PPA is just not telegenic enough. After I had worked out what telegenic meant I decided that he was completely and utterly correct. PPA is a dementia- dementia is generally considered to be something that happens to ‘old people’. So for starters it really isn’t sexy. In fact it’s scary- so scary it’s now considered the most feared diagnosis by most middle aged adults. Dementia is being portrayed on TV more often. There was Dot Cotton in East Enders – but that was dramatic. There have been a few episodes of casualty that considered the dementia issue. There have been documentaries such as that made by David Baddiel about his Dad. David Baddiel’s father has a frontotemporal dementia- closer to PPA. But he can speak, and communicate and his symptoms are conveyed well in the medium of television. 


Communication difficulties are silent- hidden. They are rarely shown on TV. There was a recent documentary made about a school that did manage to show the effect that stammering had on a teenage boys life- and the amazing impact of a simple strategy. It went viral. People felt incredibly empathic toward him and celebrated his success with him. 


This is the kind of “advertising” that can spread the word. I know there are short falls to this approach – like when people start storming into their GP surgery asking for the “cure” to Parkinson’s disease that they read about in the daily paper. But on the other hand perhaps this broad brush stroke is still helpful. Perhaps by advertising the broad ideas – then people can refine their knowledge afterwards.


People with PPA have told me it is all of our responsibilities to promote PPA where we are able. Not just SLTs but people with PPA themselves, families, charities and SLTs. If we have a chance – tell people about it. 

I didn’t win the NIHR blog competition but my blog was shortlisted. And all shortlisted entries will continue to be promoted via all the NIHR channels. What a brilliant opportunity- NIHR reaches people I had never hoped to reach. I am already overwhelmed by the impact on my following- it’s wonderful. And of course it means more people are hearing about SLT, PPA and conversation therapy! Right round one – done. Next time I see a chance, I’ll take it! I challenge myself to find new chances to spread the word, and to take these chances to spread the word. I challenge you all to take a chance when you see it and where you see it. Make PPA telegenic. Get it into the media and let people know.

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