Do you want to be a research site for BCPPA?

Warning shameless advert below:

Are you an SLT with people with Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) or potential PPA on your caseload?

Are you interested in conversation training for these people?

Would you like free training in the Better Conversations conversation training therapy program?

Would you like to be involved in an NIHR research project?


Please get in touch via twitter / email:


The Better Conversations with PPA (BCPPA) pilot study is currently underway. It is super exciting and going well. We have enrolled participants and successfully completed the study with them, we have more potential participants about to start. We have students involved in the data collection. It is all progressing.


The three sites I am working with have all been seeing people with PPA for some time. They have been so wonderfully supportive and enthusiastic and continue to be so now too. Unfortunately more recently the SLTs there have experienced difficulties in delivering these services (this probably isn’t a surprise for many SLTs out there reading this). Service reconfiguration and short staffing are not unusual for SLTs working in the NHS. This has meant less participants have and perhaps will be recruited at these sites than we had anticipated. For the project this means we need more sites to try to get closer to the numbers we were hoping for. In order to do this I am embarking on a drive to recruit a few new sites. And an ethics amendment too.


So to start I reviewed the battle plan and have written a call to arms. This has been circulated via a Clinical Excellence Network in the north of England that I have links with. I have also emailed SLTs who have recently been in contact about PPA. My third tactic is to use social media. Twitter has been wonderful to me- as has this blog.


I urge any SLT in England who is reading this and pondering whether they might be interested to get in touch. I am happy to explain how the project works. I would of course support therapists and I would travel to you to deliver all the training. I would provide all the equipment you would need and any assessment forms. I already have ethical approval for the project- this means that the work could start promptly (following a amendment to the ethics and liaison with local R&D to include the new sites).


I have had some very positive reactions and volunteers through my first two methods of recruitment. The troops are gathering force. Better Conversations will prevail. And I shall be updating this blog with my forays into my next ethics amendment. Whoopee (?)

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